John Beebe

Manager of Outreach, Samara Canada

John’s passion for building strong communities has led him to work which spans many worlds including education, community organizing, photography and politics. Most recently, John worked for Pathways to Education Canada, strengthening their tutoring programs on a national level. He began his formal political engagement working for Congress in the United States where he saw first-hand the benefits that people who can effectively engage the political system derive from it. And, on the flipside—the disadvantages for those who remain on the outside. John’s work has all been tied together by a belief in strengthening people’s understanding of the power that they have. At Samara, John runs Democracy Talks and is currently tackling the bigger project of enhancing the impact of Samara’s work through community partnerships and programs. In November of 2014, John swore allegiance to the Queen of Canada and became a Canadian citizen, thus allowing him to vote in the 2015 federal election.

John wants you to know that the Vote PopUp toolkit is not just for elections. Check out North York Community House’s International Women’s Day activity.

My Sessions

Citizen engagement: From everyday citizenship to electoral participation

Room 112 Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa

Voting is a key way citizens engage with their political system but participation is not even across demographic groups. This session examines which groups vote and which do not, which groups are invited to participate and which are not, and what might be done to encourage increased voting across the board. Particular attention is paid […]

Citizen Engagement

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