Citizen engagement: Defining and measuring acts of citizenship

Room 112 Tabaret Hall, University of Ottawa

How can we define and measure acts of citizenship? What does citizenship look like beyond ‘dutiful acts’ such as voting, participating in political parties or jury duty? There have always been a wide range of ways citizens can participate in public life and the rise of digital tools in recent years has added new opportunities for civic engagement. From signing petitions online and offline to changing a profile picture, acts of citizenship can take many forms. This session problematizes the traditional understandings of citizenship and engages participants in finding ways to define and measure characteristics in a digital Canada.

Lead Discussants:

  • Dr. Thierry Giasson, Professeur titulaire et Chercheur principal, Groupe de recherche en communication politique, Université Laval
  • Gabrielle Fayant, Co-founder and CEO of A7G, Independent Youth Advisor to Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations
  • Donovan Taplin, Member of Prime Minister’s Youth Council

Moderator: Caitlin Myles, Senior Researcher, Blueprint-ADE


For the first half hour, 2-3 experts and session leads will outline key issues and knowledge gaps and identify a number of key issues to be discussed. Afterwards, the room will break into smaller groups for facilitated discussions about the various key issues before re-convening as a whole to exchange ideas.

Citizen Engagement

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This Canada 150: Conneted Canada conference was supported by a Canada 150 Connection Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada


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